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Weighted Blankets

Why Choose Quality Weighted Blankets From Technical Solutions?

Our Weighted Blankets Are Fully Washable And Made In Australia By Professional Sewing Machinists.

Weighted Blankets can be an aid to deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS). This stimulation is believed to stimulate the release of brain chemicals that have a naturally calming effect.

Weighted products can be used to provide a calming, soothing effect for almost any agitated person. Our customers have given us positive feedback, and tell us that our blankets create a feeling of calm and help people to relax. 

Weighted Blankets may prove beneficial for children, teens and adults affected by ADHD, Anxiety, those on the Autism Spectrum, people with Sensory Integration Disorder, mental health issues, and other sensory issues.  They may also aid in the reduction of agitation for clients with the onset of Dementia.

Our Weighted Blankets are made with a 100% cotton drill material, and are sewn to a high level of quality. Each blanket is supplied with removable calico polly pellet weight bags.  Each bag weighs approx 140g and contains washable non-toxic pellets. You can adjust the weight of each blanket by adding or removing weight bags from pockets in the blanket.  The pocket openings and covers are secured by Velcro, allowing you to remove them for laundering. The blanket has ties within the cover to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket.

There are three sizes available:
- Weighted Blanket Small with Cover 104cm x 78cm 5.5kg approx, 35 pocket bags.
- Weighted Blanket Large with Cover 104cm x 102cm approx 7.5kg, 49 pockets.  
- Weighted Blanket Extra Large with Cover 104cm x 133cm 11.6 kg, 72 pocket bags.

New! Weighted Blanket With Rip-Stop Fabric, Large size

These tough new blankets are suitable for clients who may pick at fabric or try to tear it. The Rip-Stop fabric is a very light but tough product made of polyester and does not tear and is flame resistant. Pictured below right.

How heavy should a Weighted Product be?

Weighted products can act as a self regulating tool by providing proprioceptive input and deep pressure touch input. Although there have been no detailed Australian studies, this appears to be effective in assisting a person to calm and settle. Weighted blankets should never be used as a restraint. The weight should always be such that a person can remove the item themselves. 

An American study of weighted vests recommends that a vest should weigh 10% of a person’s body weight.  This is only applicable to choosing weighted vests and does not apply to weighted blankets.

At this time there are no clear guidelines for choosing the correct blanket weight.  It should be heavy enough for the individual to feel comforted, but light enough for them to be easily removed.  Technical Solutions Australia is interested in supporting therapists who would like to get involved in a detailed study on the benefits of Weighted Blankets.