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The wrong advice can be costly

Arranging effective access to buildings for people with a severe physical impairment, such as high-level quadriplegia, can be quite a challenge. Many door-opening systems on the market are not suitable for clients with a physical disability and some are totally unusable. Problems often stem from a lack of detailed direction given to clients and building designers, at the stage that home modifications are planned.

Designers should consider the following points when planning a domestic door access system for people with a severe physical impairment living independently. Some of the facilities listed may not be necessary for a person with a lesser disability.

  1. Have a battery backup that can keep the system operational for at least twelve hours (overnight) in the event of a mains power failure.
  2. The door can be used manually at all times.
  3. The system should be able to hold the door open for an indefinite period. Many door openers will only hold the door open for a limited time then shut automatically. This timed operation is not generally suitable for people with a disability.
  4. Provide push button wall switch/es of a type and at a position suitable for the intended resident.
  5. A numeric keypad on the outside of the door to provide access for family, carers, etc.
  6. A radio remote control for use in a wheelchair with switches as required that are proven suitable for the intended resident.
  7. An intercom between the front door and resident's bed. The intercom should be of a "hands free" style, and require no physical movement by the resident to communicate. The intercom hands free function will not be affected by background noise. The intercom will be capable of activating the door via a switch that is proven suitable for the intended resident to use when in bed.

Technical Solutions custom design and install electric remote
control door openers, door lock release systems and hands-free
intercoms with client accessibility as the primary objective.
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