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Access to Call Systems

Access to Call Systems

Many Hospital call systems cannot be managed by people with disabilities. Technical Solutions can add alternative access methods to existing call buttons, or fit sensitive electronic replacements.

Technical Solutions offer a range of Hospital Call Interface Adaptors that allow any of our light pressure switches to be used with most hospital and nursing home call systems. If your patient can't use the standard call pendant we can, in most cases, help.

Getting the best equipment to suit your needs requires a two stage process:


1. Getting the right Interface to connect to your system. There are many different call pendants with various types of plug to connect to the call system. We describe some of them below. please contact us for advice.

2. Ascertain which switch is most suitable. The Jellybean is our most versatile switch and there are many others to suit various abilities. Seeking the advice of an Occupational Therapist is usually advisable.

Simple Single Pin Call Systems:

Call Handset adapt
This is required if your handset also has buttons for control
of lights, TV etc. - We modify your call handset so that an
alternative switch can be plugged into it.
Call Handset adapt: SWAD-M

Switch Adaptor Lead

3.5mm SKT to 6mm right angle plug : ELFS3.5-6R

Call & ECU outputs
Used by clients who wish to use the one switch to access
the call system as well as an ECU or some other device -
see right.
Call & ECU outputs: NCT

Complex Multi Pin Call systems

Call Momentary
Used with systems that have a 'CANCEL' Button on the wall
Call Momentary: NCI

Call Latching
Used with systems that have a 'CANCEL' Button on the
Call Latching: NCI-L

Print This:-Information Sheet

Call Buzzer & Environment Control with One Switch!

The Hospital Call (HCI) and Nurse Call (NCT) Interface allows you to use just one switch to access an ECU (Environment Control Unit) as well as a Nurse Call system or other alarm. These units are designed to interface between any one of our special switches and almost any nurse call system, call buzzer or duress alarm. Suitable for use in hospitals, nursing homes, supported accommodation or private homes.

The interface passes all short switch operations directly to the computer or ECU (Environment Control Unit). A sustained switch press of a few seconds will activate the call system. An intention delay helps avoid false alarms caused by brief bumps on the call switch.

The Hospital or Nurse Call Interface now provides a way for a person with extremely limited movement (one switch function) to operate an ECU (Environment Control Unit) or computer, and still have access to a call system with the one switch.

See Diagram Above
A foot switch is connected to the Call Interface. The Call Interface passes all short switch operations directly to the computer or ECU. A sustained switch press of about 10 seconds will trigger a local buzzer, and if maintained for a couple of seconds longer will activate the call system. The local buzzer helps reduce false alarms from very sensitive switches.

Suitable Switches? Technical Solutions can advise on, and supply a wide range of switches and switch mounting systems. Please contact us for a catalogue and to discuss specific requirements.