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Why Switch Adapted? - About


For a child with a disability, an adapted battery toy can be much more than play.

Our battery toys and sensory devices are modified so a
Special Switch can be plugged in and the toy is operated by
activating the external switch. This may be the only way a
child can operate the toy.

When a child with a disability first uses a switch toy,  it
is often be the first time she/he has independently controlled anything! Regular interaction with toys and sensory devices can be of significant benifit to a child's development.

Through the use of switch toys, children with a disability can
learn cause/effect relationships. Motor development,
cognitive development, language and social interaction skills
can also be promoted.Over the longer term these skills may
be applied to much more sophisticated devices - educational,
recreational, communication and environment control
equipment that can greatly enhance a person's quality of


Battery toys and other devices are usually modified by fitting
a socket that will enable a wide range of switches to be
plugged in. The use of a socket means that various switches
can be tried till the most suitable switch is found for a
particular child. Then the child, having become familiar with
one switch, can use that switch with a variety of toys.


What Does THE TOY DO?

The behaviour of the toy, when the switch is
pressed, is dependent on its internal design. Some toys will
run through a short performance each time the switch is
pressed - e.g. ELMO will do a little song and dance routine.
Other toys will only run while the switch is held down -
the toy stops as soon as the switch is released.

Sometimes this can be difficult and frustrating for the user as
there may be little or no reward for a brief but successful
switch press. The addition of flexi timer module between the
switch and the toy can force the toy to keep going after the
switch is released for a timed period, of perhaps 10 seconds
or so, to give an appropriate 'performance/reward'.


Technical Solutions Australia supplies a range of ready-
adapted toys and switches. We've done the research for you.
We find toys that best suit adapting, as some toys are not
suitable; we also find the best way to modify each toy and
test for reliability. Our ready adapted toys are adapted in
batches so we can keep costs to a minimum.

We also provide a service modifying toys.
Our ready adapted toys are usually better value but if you
already have a special toy that you would like to have
modified, that just might be possible from $75.00
ask Technical Solutions.

You can also check the Enabling Devices/ web site for a
fantastic range of specially adapted toys and other activities
for sensory stimulation. We have many Enabling Devices
products in stock and others we can order in for you.