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Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions is based in
Silvan, East of Melbourne,

Assistive Technology

Technical Solutions have a huge range of special equipment for people with disabilities (Assistive Technology). We design and manufacture our own equipment, source products world wide and also provide a service adapting toys, computers and other devices to improve accessibility.
Technical Solutions supply specially adapted Home Environment Control Equipment and specialise in Speech Output Communicators. We also have a wide variety of Special Switches & Switch Mounts to suit a range of abilities.

Electronics For Independent Living

Our research and development team specialises in using and adapting, where appropriate, New Technology to improve and expand our range of assistive technology products - giving our clients more control over their environment and their lives.

Consulting Service

Our consulting service incorporates a wholistic approach to client care that means that you can be assured of receiving the ‘whole package’ carefully integrated to best suit the individual. More than just sales - Technical Solutions create custom solution packages to suit Individual needs.

Our History

From humble beginnings in 1985, we have grown to be recognised as Australia’s leading supplier of Sensory and Environment Control Equipment, as well as equipment for Communication and Aged Care - including Special Intercoms, Call and Patient Monitoring Systems. We are proud of our history of finding technical solutions to ‘unsolvable’ problems and, as we move beyond our 25th year, we are pleased to be able to offer an even greater range of products to further enhance our comprehensive service.


Technical Solutions designs and manufactures equipment in one-off and volume runs, as well as sourcing from other manufacturers. We welcome inquiries about individual needs - if we can't help directly, we can usually put you in touch with someone who can.
We don't limit our activities to pure electronics. Our workshop is set up to work with wood, plastic, metal and fibreglass. We do in-house vacuum forming, screen printing, industrial sewing, metal turning and machining. These in-house facilities make one-off jobs easy, and allow us to keep a tight control over product quality and time schedules.