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Doors and Access

Disability Access to Buildings:
Doors, Lifts and gates

Door Openers & Electric Door Lock Release

Technical Solutions can custom design and install electric remote control door openers and door lock release systems to suit specific requirements.

The doors can be unlocked or opened remotely using a suitable switch - perhaps a large button switch or a puff switch.

The picture above shows an electric opening door which is operated by a puff switch mounted on a wheel chair and connected via a small radio remote transmitter.

The following represent some options available for locking, unlocking and opening doors:

  • A small radio remote controller that is as secure as a key and has no wires attached.
    (And accessible with any of our switches)
  • Big push button switches - mounted on the wall inside the door.
  • A keypad can be mounted outside to allow entry by authorised persons who can open the door by typing in a PIN number.
  • Doors fitted with our electric lock release system can still be opened with a key in the normal manner.
  • Integration with our intercom and a suitable switch
  • Integration with a more elaborate environment control system.
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Combined with our DOOR BELL INTERCOM and an appropriate switch interface, the user can independently gain access - or allow others access - to their home.

Example: A visitor rings the door bell and you are confined to bed. You can talk to them via the intercom without pressing any buttons. Then, with a suitable switch, you can unlock or open the door from your bed.
Our door systems don't have part numbers, as they are individually designed and priced packages. This usually includes installation and special switches and equipment to make the door work for a person with a disability.
We can quote for specific components for you to install if that's what you are after.
Request A Quotation
We are happy to discuss your building access and door control needs, but in order to give you the most relevant options and costings we need a little information about your door and area around it. The best way to expediate this prosses is to send us dimensions & pictures of your door and request a quote. Simply download print this information / instruction sheet. And please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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Auditory Scanning Door Selector
Use one switch to control many doors


Cordless Bathroom Button
$150.00 (including 0 % tax)
Water resistant, wall mountable 433MHz Transmitter - needs separate receive


Door Control System
Flexible control of motorised doors


Door operate button - wireless
Easy press door button without needing cables


Door release button
Switch for electric doors, 20mm black button on faceplate


IR Switch, 4 relay interface
1 to 4 relay isolated outputs, remote via any GEWA PROG compatible ECU.


Jellybean Cordless Switch Transmitter Only
Compact wireless Jellybean Switch - needs separate 433Mhz Radio Link receiv


Motorised doors
Remote control doors, gates & locks


Numeric Keypad Access Kit
Numeric keypad access control kit


Proxcard Credit Card format
Creditcard style RFID card


Proxcard Teardrop card
Easy to attach to a chain or lanyard


Proxkey Keychain swipe card
Easy to attach to a chain or lanyard


Radio Linked Pendant Only (Unadapted)
$58.00 (including 0 % tax)
Additional pendant for Radio Linked Buzzer or Switch


Radio Linked Pendant Only 2CH
$58.00 (including 0 % tax)
Additional 2CH pendant to suit Radio Linked Switch 433MHz


Radio Linked Pendant, Adapted
$95.00 (including 0 % tax)
Adapted pendant for Radio Linked Buzzer, Switch or door 433MHz.


Swipe Card Reader
RFID Card Reader for doors