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Weighted Animals

Our cute cuddly Weighted Animals are also very practical!

These weighted products to provide clients with a calming deep pressure sensory input which can also helps in concentration. Great for classroom situations, travelling or for a calming tool for anxiety, great for all ages.


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Orangutan Owen -Weighted 3.5kgs
$120.00 (including 10 % tax)
Owen feels real. Easy to hold & cuddle.


Owen Junior Orangutan 2.3kg
$88.00 (including 10 % tax)
Please note this is a smaller model of the original Owen


Philbin Bear Weighted 1.8kgs
$80.00 (including 10 % tax)
lovely quality plush weighted bear weighs 1.8kg.


Weighted Bischon Small
$80.00 (including 10 % tax)
Weighted plush dog - 700grms approx


Weighted Black Plush Cat
$70.00 (including 10 % tax)
Great calming effect for a variety of ages


Weighted Blue Heeler Dog
$120.00 (including 10 % tax)
weighted Blue Heeler 3.5kg


Weighted Cat Siamese
$70.00 (including 10 % tax)
Weighted Plush Cat 1kg


Weighted Cat Marmalade
$66.00 (including 10 % tax)
Weighted Plush Cat 1kg


Weighted Cocker Spaniel
$77.00 (including 10 % tax)
Lovely cuddly Cocker Spaniel, everyone will want to cuddle and pat.


Weighted Elephant
$77.00 (including 10 % tax)
Weighted Plush Elephant 2kg


Weighted King Charles Plush White & Black
$70.00 (including 10 % tax)
Weighted Plush King Charles -1kg


Weighted Plush Bear 1.2kg
$77.00 (including 10 % tax)
Amazing soft fur, to hold and pet 1.2kg weight approx


Weighted Plush Bear 1.6kg
$77.00 (including 10 % tax)
Yes I need to be cuddled and patted


Weighted Plush Bear 1.8kg
$77.00 (including 10 % tax)
Lovely cuddly bear, everyone will want to cuddle 1.8kg weight


Weighted Plush Border Collie
$120.00 (including 10 % tax)
Large weighted Boarder Collie 2.5kg


Weighted Plush Cat
$70.00 (including 10 % tax)
Weighted Plush Cat 850grms


Weighted Plush Crocodile
$77.00 (including 10 % tax)
Lovely soft plush tactile fabric, yes I am a crocodile but a friendly one :


Weighted Plush German Shepherd Pup 1kg
$77.00 (including 10 % tax)
This beautiful puppy has lovely soft fur to pet 1kg weighted


Weighted Plush Kangaroo 1.2kg
$90.00 (including 10 % tax)
Yes I'm cheeky and need to be cuddled approx 1.2kg weight


Weighted Plush Kelpie Pup 970grms
$77.00 (including 10 % tax)
I am beautiful and silky to touch and love being patted.


Weighted Plush Labrador
$120.00 (including 10 % tax)
Large weighted Labrador Dog approx 2.5kg