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HouseMate 5S Module BYO phone

HouseMate 5S Module BYO phone

Part No : HMPRO5
Price :  $1 995.00 (including 0 % tax)

HouseMate - Always Evolving!

Now pair with and control multiple
phones, iPads and Tablets (BYO PHONE)

HouseMate 5S is the latest version of HouseMate. It has all the same features as the HouseMate PRO4 including switch scanning remote control of all smart phone functions; control of your home appliances via the built in environment control functions and switch control of virtually any third party apps. Internet, Facebook, YouTube, eBay, PayPal, Banking and more.  The new HouseMate 5S also has a multi switch joystick port that allows control via joystick - many wheelchair joysticks can be interfaced to control HouseMate 5S directly from the chair joystick. The Housemate app home automation functions can also be controlled by voice using SIRI commands (or "OK Google" when connected to an Android device).

Now pair with and control multiple devices

The new HouseMate 5S will work with iOS as well as Android, plus you can connect and switch between multiple devices. For example, you could pair it with your Android phone as well as an iPad and use your switch to switch between devices.

Switch shown for demonstration purposes only; any switches and mounts required can be quoted for separately to suit your individual needs.

Software features

  • Comprehensive, graphic based, environmental control.
  • Large database of icons as well as the ability to choose images from the camera roll.
  • Telephony functions: Wake-up, answer/make calls, send/receive texts.¹
  • Secondary functions: Music player, photo album, camera, internet, reminders.¹
  • Scanning options: Automatic, short click, two switch, adjustable scanning speed, acceptance time, auditory scanning and many other programmable options.²
  • Voice output for text-to-speech, auditory scanning and read-out of SMS messages.
  • Voice recognition for environmental control.³
  • Word prediction and word anticipation. ³
  • HouseMate’s HID profile ensures full control over all third party apps.
  • Apps can be downloaded free with automatic updating as new versions become available.

1 = On Android devices these functions are integrated into the ClickToPhone app. On iOS devices they can be achieved using system apps.
2 = On iOS devices scanning options are limited to those available using iOS Switch Control.
3 = Features specific to ClickToPhone Android app. To avail of such features on an iOS device may require the installation of third party apps.


Android users can download the free ClickToPhone app and iOS users can download the HouseMate Home Control app

These apps, when used in conjunction with the HouseMate Module, provide infrared environment control of home appliances - Programmable grids and the ability to record infrared codes puts the user in total control of their Smart TV, surround sound - just about everything infrared in their home - even lights and air conditioning with the following addons. Purchase the following modules to add further control of your home environment: Our Scanning Bed Controller; Our Air-conditioner ECU Universal Interface; Use Z-Wave Modules to operate mains powered lights and appliances.

ECU Features:

  • 30 grids fully customisable for size and content.
  • Comprehensive set of 1000+ symbols
  • With the ability to import photographs and other pictures.
  • 250 IR codes can be recorded into HouseMate
  • Or choose from a database of commonly used codes.
  • Activate your appliances by voice using 'Voice Control' (Android) and SIRI (iOS)

Package includes:

  1. FREE ClickToPhone or HouseMate App - You download this and install it on your phone
    • This is a software package that runs on your smart phone
    • It has an easy to navigate HouseMate ECU Graphical Interface
    • It links via Bluetooth to the following hardware module
  2. HouseMate 5S Bluetooth Switch Interface.
    This ECU Interface Module includes
    • Switch input for single switch scanning
    • Multi switch port for joystick input
    • Nurse call alarm output
    • Powerful Infra-red learn/transmit hardware
    • Bluetooth mouse module
    • Note on Z-Wave compatibility - The Z-Wave Direct Module is recommended for home automation. Z-Wave Direct is optional and not included in this package.
    • Long life rechargeable battery

NOTE: Switch shown for demonstration purposes only; any switches and mounts required will be quoted for separately to suit your individual needs.

Download this HouseMate Brochure

Trial ClickToPhone HouseMate on your phone now!
If you already have an iOS or Android phone or tablet, you can install the software App (ClickToPhone free from Google Play - HouseMate Home Control Free from the Apple app store)  .  You will not be able to control your TV or any infrared devices without the HouseMate Bluetooth box or gain any remote switch access but you can see how the App looks on your phone.


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