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Oricom Care Phone with Emergency Call Pendant

Oricom Care Phone with Emergency Call Pendant

Part No : ORI-TP170
Price :  $265.00 (including 10 % tax)

Perfect for seniors, people who have a disability, or loved ones who live alone.

The Oricom Care Phone delivers priceless assurance for both the user and their family that in an emergency situation users can call for help without the need to get to their phone. By simply pressing the Emergency Call Pendant, the Oricom Care Phone can dial up to 30 emergency contact numbers.  This is not a monitored alarm system.  The phone will dial either land line or mobile numbers of your own choosing. The pendant is waterproof so it can be worn in the shower, and works at a range of 20 metres.

Only from Technical Solutions Australia:

Extra Accessibility

If a person can not easily press the red button on the standard Emergency Call Pendant, Technical Solutions can provide the phone with a switch-adapted pendant.
See Oricom Care Phone with Switch Adapted Pendant ORI-TP170AD.

The standard phone is supplied with one pendant and extra pendants (standard or adapted) can be bought if needed as follows:

  • Optional Extra Pendant, not adapted: ORI-TP170P
  • Optional Extra Pendant, switch adapted: ORI-TP170PA
  • Optional Extra Magnetic Pull Apart Fall Call Pendant,
    Activates the Care phone if the user has fallen or slumped: ORI-TP170MPP


But will it work
with the NBN?

This telephone is a standard analog phone. It can be used with many NBN services although some NBN providers don't supply a suitable modem. Even if you do have a suitable NBN connection, you need to be aware that it may not work if the power or internet fails. That is, if your internet fails, your phone will not function. You should ask your NBN service provider the following questions about your NBN service: Can I use an analog phone with my NBN? Will my NBN keep working if the power fails?


Emergency Pendant
The phone’s emergency pendant can be worn around the neck and should the user fall, feel threatened or be unable to reach the phone they just press the red button on the pendant or the SOS button on the phone. This remotely activates the emergency call message which is sent to the users chosen numbers. The people alerted hear the pre-recorded message that assistance is required.

Emergency CALLS
Any of the phone numbers in your 30 number phone book can be added to the Emergency Call List. When the SOS function is activated, the phone auto dials the first number in the list. If they do not answer and press '0' to accept the call, the phone will auto dial the next number in the list and so on. In this way, calls un-answered or answered by answering machines etc. will be ignored. The phone will try every number in the Emergency Call List, if no one answers it will try all numbers in the list a second time. When a person answers they will hear your pre-recorded message that assistance is required. They then press '0' to accept the call and the speakerphone is activated so that they can talk to the distressed person. (Pressing '0' will indicate to the emergency phone that the call is successful - the phone will then stop auto dialling)

High performance hands-free speakerphone makes it easy for those with poor hand dexterity. People who suffer from poor hand mobility and dexterity don't need to pickup the handset to take a call. They can simply answer the phone by pressing the speakerphone button on the base or the button on the pendant.

Remote hands-free speakerphone
With the TP170 Care Phone users don't have to rush to pick up an incoming call. They can answer the phone, talk on the speakerphone and hang up by just pressing the button on the wireless pendant.

Amplified Receiver
The TP170’s amplified receiver provides 20dB of extra loud earpiece amplification for the hard of hearing as well a TONE control. The phone also contains an inbuilt inductive coupler which offers Hearing Aid users clearer sound. Simply switch the hearing aid to the ‘T’ setting to use this function.

Talking Caller ID
Only answer the calls you want with Talking Caller ID. Now users can avoid any prank calls. The TP170's talking Caller ID announces the callers name or number loudly and clearly so that users can identify the caller before they take the call. This service requires a subscription to the CID service from your local phone provider at an extra fee.

Visual ring indicator
Ideal for the hearing impaired, the TP170 has a large flashing indicator that lights up when a person calls. The bright red light flashes so that users can actually see that they have an incoming call.

The Care phone has the following features to assist a person with a hearing impairment.

  • Extra Loud ringer 90dBA
  • Visual ring indicator flashes to alert you when phone rings
  • Hearing aid compatible

The Care phone has the following features to assist a person with vision impairment.

  • Talking Dial keypad, speaks each number you press as you dial
  • Use the remote pendant to answer and hang up incoming calls without the need to find or touch the phone
  • 30 Name & Number Talking phone book, as you scroll through the memories the phone 'speaks' each person's name
  • Talking caller ID - phone will speak the name of caller if they are in in phone's phone book
  • Talking menu, speaks the menu options as you step through
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