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Uniden Corded+Cordless Phone with ADAPTED SOS Pendant

Uniden Corded+Cordless Phone with ADAPTED SOS Pendant

Part No : UNI-SSE37+1P-A-JBT
Price :  $385.00 (including 0 % tax)

Disability Switch Accessible Visual and Hearing Impaired Cordless and Corded Digital Phone System for Seniors.

Includes a Switch Adapted splash proof SOS emergency alert Pendant with intercom function. 60m range

The New benchmark in Digital Cordless Phone communication for the visually and hearing impaired. This SSE37 + 1P is a 3 in 1 system with a Cordless handset, Corded handset and an Accessible, Splashproof / Two-Way Emergency Alert SOS Pendant.

Special Pendant Included - Adapted By Technical Solutions Australia -  Jelly Bean Switch Blue pictured now included

Plug your Jellybean or other accessible switch into the cordless remote SOS Pendant and gain control of the following:

  • Answer and hang up incoming calls
  • Talk to the caller via the remote pendant
  • Activate local intercom function to call and chat with a carer within your home
  • Activate the auto-dial emergency SOS call function to call up to 5 people of your choice
  • When your help person answers your emergency call, you can communicate via the pendant

Emergency Pendant: SOS Auto Dial Alert + Intercom

The Emergency Pendant is perfect for Peace of Mind by allowing your call for help to be answered by people of your choice. Once the Help button is pressed the pendant will first call the internal home phone system intercom so that someone in the house may be notified that help is required. If unanswered, the pendant will call up to 5 different phone numbers of your choice. It will call one at a time and if not answered, the pendant will move onto the next pre-programmed phone number. Once a call is accepted by the other party on the other line the person requiring help or assistance can talk through the pendant to the other line.

But will it work
with the NBN?

This telephone is a standard analog phone. It can be used with many NBN services although some NBN providers don't supply a suitable modem. Even if you do have a suitable NBN connection, you need to be aware that it may not work if the power or internet fails. That is, if your internet fails, your phone will not function. You should ask your NBN service provider the following questions about your NBN service: Can I use an analog phone with my NBN? Will my NBN keep working if the power fails?


Optional multiple Pendants

The telephone base station can support communication with up to 6 devices (Pendants or Cordless Handsets). Purchasing multiple Pendants provides several additional benefits, for example:

  1. One person could have multiple pendants located throughout the house
  2. Two people in a household could each have their own pendant
  3. Pendant to pendant intercom functions - If a person presses the help button on their pendant, others can answer the call on the second Pendant as well as the Corded or Cordless Phone.  Note however that while the Pendants can be used to answer intercom calls and incoming phone calls, the Pendants do not beep to indicate the call. Only the phones will ring or beep to indicate the call.

Answer Incoming Calls

Incoming phone calls can even be answered directly from the pendant, where ever you are in the home. If the phone is ringing, simply press the button on the pendant to answer the call, talk to the caller via the pendant then press again to hang up.

The Uniden Emergency Alert Pendant is splashproof** allowing you to wear it in damp environments and also outside so you can always remain connected in case of an emergency. It is ideal for the Elderly or High Dependency People as the push of the Help button enables contact for assistance to be made. Up to a total of 6 devices (cordless handsets or Emergency Alert Pendants) can operate with the Uniden SSE Cordless Phone which allows you to have an Emergency Pendant in the Bathroom, Bedroom or Living Room.

The SS E37+1P system features a Cordless Handset for Mobility and a Corded Phone which is perfect for use in Power Failure Conditions^. The system is equipped with an Integrated Digital Answering Machine with Slow Playback, ensuring you never miss that important call. The XDECT Digital Cordless Phones offer Extended Digital Coverage by utilising a Diversity Antenna System for Optimal Reception and Clarity – by mitigating multi-path errors. It also features a High Gain Antenna for greater range and to eliminate drop our areas in your home. The SS E37+1P is equipped with Text to Speech (TTS) Technology – this announces the number when you dial (corded base only) and has the ability to read and announce the name of the caller*. The Digital Duplex Speakerphone on the handset makes hands free communication a breeze.

See demonstration video on YouTube

Medical Note: If you have a personal medical device such as a pacemaker or hearing aid, please consult with the manufacturer of this device to determine if it is adequately shielded from external RF (radio frequency) energy. This telephone product operates in the frequency in the frequency range of 1.88 GHz to 1.90 GHz and has a maximum output power level of 0.25watts.

Optional Battery Backup

Power Failure Conditions^ - In the event of a power failure occurring the Corded handset on the base requires 2 seconds to become operational after it is picked up. The Cordless handset and Pendant will not operate.

We recommend the Uniden Power Failure Battery Backup (Part No : UNI-BT100-BATT See below)When used with the UNI-SSE37+1P this backup unit is plugged into the corded phone (base station). In the event of a power failure occurring it allows the cordless handset and the emergency pendant to communicate with the base station and function correctly.

Key Features

  • XDECT Digital Technology Phone System
  • Designed and Engineered in Japan
  • DECT6.0 Technology - clear audio up to 40 Metres
  • Extra Loud Audio Controls
  • Large Display Screen
  • Large Easy-To-Read Buttons
  • Text to Speech (TTS) Technology
  • Handset Conferencing
  • Intercom / Announce Call Transfer
  • Hearing Aid Compatible (T-Coil)
  • Integrated Digital Answering Machine with Slow Playback Function & Remote Access
  • Function & Remote Access
  • Do Not Disturb Function
  • Advanced LCD & Caller ID Display*
  • Backlit Full Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • POP ID* - Caller Name Identification
  • Alpha Display Caller ID
  • 50 Caller ID* Memories and 200 Phonebook Entries on each Handset
  • Individual Caller Polyphonic Tone Allocations*
  • Audio Boost & Volume Control on the Handset
  • Visual Ringer Indicator on the Base and the Handset
  • Keypad Lock
  • Handsfree Speakerphone
  • 7 Day Battery Standby Time
  • Up to 10 hours Talk Time
  • Flash Button (Call Waiting Compatible)
  • Battery Level Indicator

Emergency Alert Pendant Features:

  • Built for Australia & New Zealand
  • DECT Clear Sound with Long Range Performance up to 40 Metres
  • Handsfree Speakerphone
  • Peace Of Mind – Allowing your call for help answered by people of your choice
  • Glow in the Dark Help Key
  • Simple Operation – One Help Button
  • No On-Going Monitoring Fees
  • Auto Power Off
  • Small & Light Weight
  • Belt Clip
  • Wrist Band
  • Neck Strap
  • Including Charger Cradle

Emergency Alert Pendant Additional Features:

  • Talk Time: Up to 5 Hours
  • Standby Time: Up to 30 Days
  • SSE Pendant Dimensions:
  • 68mm (H) x 48mm (W) x 24mm (D)
  • SSE Pendant Weight: 60g


This Handset features TTS (Text To Speech) technology – it has the ability to read and announce the name of the caller*

* Caller ID and POP Features work only if you subscribe to the service provided by your local telephone company. There is usually a fee for this service. Caller Type 2 service is currently not available in New Zealand.

** Certified to meet the world standard JIS4 splashproof level. Being defined as having no harmful influence by receiving a splash of water from any direction. Do not immerse in water

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