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Telstra SP817 Big Button Phone, With 6cm Jellybean Switch

Telstra SP817 Big Button Phone, With 6cm Jellybean Switch

Part No : CRD0817-BUJB
Price :  $335.00 (including 0 % tax)

Includes Phone and power supply with battery back up your choice of  Big Button Switch -  13cm Big Red or 6cm Jelly Bean Switch.

The SP817 Big Button Corded Telephone provides affordable access to the telephone network for people with severe disabilities. The fully approved loud-speaking phone can be operated using a single switch to answer and initiate calls. Kit - Includes Phone and a special power supply with battery back up.

Other Switch Options (purchased separately if required)

This phone can be operated by an external switch that can be plugged into a socket in the back of the phone. The most common option is to plug in one of our big button Jellybean Switches (the red one pictured left).  We can also provide remote control via one of our Radio Switch Links which can provide wireless access from a wheelchair.
(Other switches can be purchased separately if required, see our switches including cordless switches )


The Switch Accessible Big Button Telephone has a range of features to assist people with vision, hearing, speech and physical disabilities.  This model also lets you answer telephone calls using a single switch.  It is suitable for people who have a disability that makes it difficult for them to hold a handset or press numbers on a phone keypad.

When the phone is ringing, simply press the switch and the phone will answer in "speaker phone" mode.  (Add an optional headset want more privacy.)

The phone can be set up to dial one previously stored number by pressing the switch.  Program it to call an emergency contact number, or to dial call connect services such as the National Relay Service or Call Connect.

The phone is compatible with any switch, such as a Jelly Bean, Microlight, Ultimate Switch, Specs switch or any other switch with a "standard" 3.5mm plug.  (See our "Switches" section for more information.)   Therefore it is a suitable option for people with a range of disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or any other disability that makes using a standard telephone a challenge.

The Switch Module requires mains power to operate.  As an essential safety measure, the plug pack supplied with this model has a built-in battery backup, so it will continue to work for up to 48 hours if the power supply is interrupted (e.g. in a black out, or if the plug pack is accidentally knocked out of the wall.)  If your phone service comes through the National Broadband Network (NBN) you must make sure the NBN equipment in your home has a battery backup.

But will it work
with the NBN?

This telephone is a standard analog phone. It can be used with many NBN services although some NBN providers don't supply a suitable modem. Even if you do have a suitable NBN connection, you need to be aware that it may not work if the power or internet fails. That is, if your internet fails, your phone will not function. You should ask your NBN service provider the following questions about your NBN service: Can I use an analog phone with my NBN? Will my NBN keep working if the power fails?



To Answer A Call:
Press your switch to answer a call and and press again to hang up.

What About Making Outgoing Calls?
The SP817 big button phone can auto dial a single phone number when the user switch is pressed. Follow the setup instructions to store the desired phone number in the phone.  Simply press your switch and the phone will dial the stored number.

The SP817 big button phone can be pre-set to dial a family member or other support person. Alternatively it could be set to dial one of two operator based services that will connect you to the person you ask for.

  1. Telstra Call Connect - will connect to any number listed in the White Pages phone directory.
  2. National Relay Service - will connect to virtually any number and stay on line to assist with communication as required.

To Initiate A Call: Press your switch to obtain dial tone. Wait while the phone dials the operator assisted service. The operator can then assist with connection to the person you want to call. Finally press your switch again to hang up. And of course, the SP817 big button phone can still be used in the conventional way as well.

(Switch required and purchased separately, see our switches including cordless switches for use from a wheelchair)

Phone Features

  • Big Button Keypad
  • Handsfree speaker-phone
  • Visual ring indicator
  • Last number redial
  • 3 one-touch memory keys
  • 10 indirect memories
  • Adjustable ring volume & pitch
  • Adjustable handset or speaker volume
  • Hot key answer - Allows you to answer an incoming call by pressing any button while the telephone is ringing
  • Hot key dialling - Allows you to make a call without lifting the handset or pressing speaker
  • Voice aid mode - Useful for people with speech impairment and soft voices
  • Auxiliary input allows you to plug in a suitable switch to answer, initiate and release calls in hands-free or headset mode
    Switch required and purchased separately
  • Wall mountable
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Mute key
  • Headset Mode; note that switching to headset mode disables hands-free speakerphone mode and vise versa. Carer support may be required to switch between modes.

Notes on Services Provided by Others:

  • The National Relay Service is a free Australia-wide telephone access service for people with specific disabilities. Contact of the National Relay Service for more information
  • You need to apply to use the National Relay Service if required
  • Technical Solutions CAN NOT set these services up for our customers - we can provide the phone and switch but the customer must organise any Services Provided by others
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