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Special Disability Access Switches
Technical Solutions Australia offer a wide range of switches to suit the assistive technology needs of people with a disability - we endeavour to provide switches to meet the access needs of most people. For very specific special needs, we can even modify or custom design a switch to the individual.
The process of finding the best combination of equipment to suit a particular person's needs can be slow. We are happy to share our 25 plus years of experience to get you or your client connected quickly!

Switch Positioning

The effectiveness of a switch is often dependent on the positioning and mounting of the switch. A poorly mounted switch can in some cases make it inaccessible or cause excessive strain for the user.

We can design a mounting system for you! We supply a range of modular mounting systems as well as fabricating custom designs.

Small steps towards independence

The next step towards greater independence for a person with a disability may be the control of multiple devices for various purposes. (communication, environment control, etc.) This can be achieved by various means including:
* Multiple switches if the person is physically able.
* A single switch and an environment control system.
* A single switch and a special Switch Director.

Australian Standard Switch Leads & Plugs

3.5mm mono phono plug

Most of our switches come with a lead that is approximately 1.5 Metres long with a 3.5mm mono phono plug on the end. This is the default standard connector used for ability switches in Australia. We can supply custom plugs and adaptors if needed.

Dimensions of the metal shaft: 3.5mm Dia x 15mm Long

We can supply

custom alternative plugs if needed. We also supply Switch Extension Leads to suit most applications. Choose from 1, 2 or 3 Metre extension leads or custom sizes can be made to order, contact Technical Solutions for advice.