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Mounts and Positioning

Selecting the right switch and equipment is important, but positioning it well can make the difference between a functional system and frustration.

A switch mount should hold the switch in a consistent and reliable position, and ideally be easy for carers to repeat the location. We offer a wide range of adjustable and fixed mounting systems, as well as the ability to fabricate custom mounting systems in our workshop.

Mounting systems can attach to wheelchairs, beds and other furniture or be freestanding. Equipment and cables often lasts longer and are better protected when attached to a well designed mounting system.

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Bed Mount with Sturdy Durable Arm with RAM ball
$580.00 (including 0 % tax)
Cradles to suit larger tablets and laptops purchased separately. NOT inc.


Bed Switch Mount
$299.00 (including 0 % tax)
Stable mounting system for in-bed use. Mount travels up and down with bed.


Bed Switch Mount 2 arms 3 mounts holds switch, phone & HMPRO
$620.00 (including 0 % tax)
One arm for your switch, the other holds the HouseMate and your phone.(devi


Bed Switch Mount, 3 Durable Sections Ball + 2nd Light Arm
$750.00 (including 0 % tax)
Fits under mattress, travels up/down and holds switch/device in view


Bed Switch Mount, 90cm x 3/4inch Locline, switch plate
$330.00 (including 0 % tax)
Flexible mounting system for in-bed use. Mount travels up and down with bed


Bed Switch Mount, Durable Arm, Light Arm, 3 mounts
$790.00 (including 0 % tax)
Strong arm to hold a large tablet, light arm for switch and ECU mount


Bed Switch Mount, single arm holds phone & HMPRO
$480.00 (including 0 % tax)
Holds small or large phone or Tablet as well as the HouseMate Module


Boom Arm Light Trolley Stand w/ castors
$595.00 (including 0 % tax)
Boom Arm ECU & Switch Mount. Light mobile trolley w/ lockable castors


Boom Arm Stand With Mount
Simple floor stand with ball joint and switch mount plate.


Drink Cup Holder, adjustable holder only
$74.80 (including 10 % tax)
Adjustable Drink Cup Holder suits cups and bottles


Drink Cup Holder, adjustable, arm, clamp
$209.00 (including 10 % tax)
Drink Cup Holder with 15cm arm and clamp


Flexible RAM X-Grip Mount for large phone, 30cm Arm, Tough Claw
$313.50 (including 10 % tax)
The X-Grip Phone Mount fits most large phones & inc. 'grippy' Tough Claw Cl


Heavy Duty Boom Arm Stand
New model heavy duty boom arms stand with mounting plate


HouseMate 25cm Articulated Mount with clamp & Quick Release
$128.00 (including 0 % tax)
Suits cameras, HouseMate or Primo. quick and easy to connect


HouseMate Mount 7cm Mini Magic Arm with clamp & Quick Release
$120.00 (including 0 % tax)
Suits cameras, HouseMate or Primo. quick and easy to connect


HouseMate Primo Quick Release Mount with RAM 5cm arm Tough Claw
$160.00 (including 0 % tax)
Suits cameras, HouseMate or Primo. Strong, quick and easy to connect


HouseMate/Prog Mount plate with ball joint and nano clamp
$190.00 (including 0 % tax)
Mount it almost anywhere! Simple rectangular plate with Velcro


Light Articulated iPad/Tablet Mounting Arm.
$220.00 (including 10 % tax)
Suits iPads, Tablets, etc. (Cradle NOT Included)


Light Articulated Mount 3 Section with Multiclamp
Extra long. 3 sections, multi-clamp and an adaptor to suit your switch


Light Articulated Phone Mount, X-Grip cradle, Multi Clamp
X-Grip phone cradle with Light Articulated arm and multi-clamp


Light Articulated Switch Mount with Multi Clamp & Nano Clamp
$330.00 (including 0 % tax)
Multi Clamp attaches to furniture. Nano Clamp can hold large tubes etc.